Metal Frames (Outdoor Use)

There are many metal sign holders to choose from. Each one is an engaging solution that presents the respective signage in a durable, sturdy A frame constructed out of steel with black powder coated finish. These frames support many different display area requirements and materials: aluminum composite material (ACM), plywood, masonite, aluminum, coroplast, plastics, etc. Very easy to use and maintain, simply paint or apply vinyl graphics to the insert and slide it in.

See pictures of several A frame sign holders — both top loading and side loading — along with various other indoor and outdoor sidewalk sign holders


Pictures posted soon.








Corroplast ea     ACTUAL SIGN (METAL-H-FRAME)

18wX24h          $30                   Sign $55

24wX24h          $35                   Sign $55

24wX36h          $40                   sign $55

24wX32h          $35                   sign $80

SPA LETTERS    50 X 20h    $36.20

DOOR                28 X 35”h    $37.95