Color – RGB vs CMYK

It is important to note that what you see on your screen in the way of color, design and layout is not necessarily what you will end up with once your job has printed.  Many clients do not realize that your monitor is displaying the image in RGB (Red Green Blue). When you send your job (what you have on screen) to print it will be printed as a 4 color job (four color process).  This four color process is CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow & Black).  Therefore the RGB file you are sending out should be converted to CMYK, if you want to print your job correctly.  It is important to note that once it is converted the shading and colors will not reflect your screen any longer and when your job is printed it won’t look the same.

There are many conversion software and programs to chose from that will help you with converting RGB to CMYK in seconds! Many are free!

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